In our modern world intrude not only new technologies in the fields of electronics and IT, but as well as ever coming close to the man - power and construction.
Biofuels, biotechnology become our everyday life.  Our company, having an old traditions in construction and equipment of grain processing industries, just got in the implementation of ideas alternative fuel.  Such major manufacturers of BIOETONOL as Jaunkalsnavas alcohol factory  и  Iecavas alcohol factory (Jaunpagasts Plus) were reconstructed with our direct participation as builders, installers.

Except biotechnology, our construction practice is rich in working with metal constructions. As construction of ordinary buildings and facilities (New part of the Baltic International Academy, chain stores Supernetto,) and
construction of industrial facilities (SIA "Fazer maiznicas", AS "Rigas Dzirnavnieks" etc.)

Many of entrepreneurs and private individuals seek to us with problems of minor repairs of premises, buildings, as well as works associated with the decorative finish of tin, ventilation.  Tinsmiths masters
can do any type of work on products of different varieties of metal.

Our electricians perform installation in residential rooms, offices, electrical installation work in the proindustrial sectors, and in the factories that are being built.
Also we do certificated measurements in enterprises.